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Fashion heels

With heels, we feel amazing and carry our look in style. In the new season, we return to exemplary contours, such as small cat heels and siphons, giving them new subtleties that will undoubtedly make them in 2020.

We continued during the best time option, so you don’t have to do it. Trust us when we say it’s worth shopping for.

These are many choices that are the most popular fashion heels of the new decade. Right now, we are in square foot style, ornate options, and hinge shoes. In addition, there are VIP-approved shoes that we cannot stop craving.

Whether you’re looking for a regular siphon or a fashionable evening shoe, we’ve made you. Just keep browsing to look for our options.

Heels are women’s best friends. The right kind of shoe can help with reassurance, change your appearance and make your heads turn when you go into the room.

The most important study is: which ones are the best for you?

As for fashion heels, shopping aisles are wider than you might think. Whether you’re looking for excessive daggers, excellent stilettos, or stylish boots, you can be sure that the expression of style will cover you. When you choose the next pair of shoes, these are different heels that you should know.

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Top Types of Heels

Most of us can probably only distinguish between a few unique heels. In any case, there is indeed an incredible number. Without realizing it, most of them have probably crossed their path from now on.

To raise your A-B-C style to an acceptable level, we have registered the most famous paragraphs below.

Block Heels:

Block heels not only look very fashionable, but a strong heel usually distributes body weight in unexpected ways, unlike thinner heels. That way, they get a little excitement from the front of your foot, which leads to a more comfortable position

Cuban Heels:

The Cuban heels follow young men. They are regularly small to medium and can be found in foot boots, oxford, moccasin, and other closed shoes. Although the heel appears to be very strong, it can contain a light shape inside and inside.  

Comma Heels:

This modern paragraph, as the name suggests, has a comma shape. Its strange crescent structure is a modern claim and is unimaginably appealing.

Cone Heels:

The conical heel is characterized by a thick and hard base for a secure base and a limited and fragile tip. Conical heels can be worn in a variety of obedient shoes and can be of different sizes. This heel style is flexible and immortal.  

Decorative Heels:

Is there anything more fantastic than a perfectly decorated heel? It’s amazing what happens when the first shoes make her creative mind go crazy. With a bit of luck, we could use rather insignificant details every day of the week.

Flare Heels:

Just like the burst pants, this heel gained importance #1 in the 1970s and 70s. Torch heels are represented by a thinner base that gradually extends downwards.

French Heels:

The French heel, also called heel Louis or heel Pompadour is a variant of the Spool heel. Like the latter, the French heel contains a wide top, a lean center, and a fast convex base. In addition, they are regularly on the most limited side.

High Heels:

High heels come in a variety of shapes and stature. Any point of impact of about four inches or more can fall under this classification. The most well-known types of shoes worn with a higher heel are siphons, daggers, and shoes that obey

Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are great if you walk awkwardly with higher heels or if you are on the larger side but do not feel like avoiding beautiful heels. This type of heel is regularly lean and firm less than three inches.

Medium Heels:

The middle heels have the ideal desk and the usual sovereignty. They are located somewhere in the three- and four-inch high range, which makes them ideal work shoes as they work in your posture without putting too much pressure on the beams of your feet.  

Slim Heels:

Thin and slim heels are a difficult option for an unforgettable evening or clothing event. The fragile and high heel gives your feet visual length and their progress a little feather.  

Spool Heels:

This beautiful type of heel begins in Europe during the Baroque and Rococo periods. The shape of the hourglass has the shape of a roll from an old lathe, from which this heel takes its name.

Square Heels:

Square heels are the same as block fashion heels and are usually on the thicker side and rectangular fit. This style looks especially elegant when mixed with a sharp pair of siphons, but at the same time, it can be found regularly in ankle boots and other shoe models.  

Thick-Cuban Heels:

The thick Cuban heel is a thicker variant of the Cuban heel. They are regularly used for high boots, down leg boots, and other strong types of shoes.  

High Heels:

Extremely high heels can reach a stature of up to eight inches or more. Anything is possible. These shoes are usually equipped with a tent in front of it so as not to overwhelm the foot and make the hiking experience more pleasant.

Heeled Pumps:

Heeled pumps are another piece of fashion, and every young woman must purchase at least one heeled pump. You’ll notice how a timeless arrangement of dark or bare pumps instantly turns into an all-rounder: they’re ideal for your week all day, but they can also be easily paired with pants or a party dress for social engagement.



Heels will enhance your personality. Every girl should wear fashionable heels because wearing heels is another way to improve her confidence level. There is a wide range of heels, choose your favorite and purchase it.